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JCL (z/OS) – Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs


5 hours


The JCL (z/OS) - Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs course examines how special data sets, such as generation data groups, tape data sets, and temporary data sets are referenced using JCL. It also describes how data sets can be concatenated in JCL and some of the reserved DD statement names and their uses.


Operators, application programmers, and system programmers who require an advanced knowledge of JCL


Completion of the Introduction to z/OS JCL course or knowledge of JCL basics


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how special data sets in batch jobs are created and accessed by using parameters to accommodate a wide range of data set types.

Course Content

Working with Generation Data Groups

Generation Data Group Concepts
Specifying DCB Information for GDGs
Creating a Generation Data Group

Concatenating Data Sets and Using Dummy Data Sets

How to Concatenate Data Sets
Using Dummy Data Sets

Working with Tapes

Tape Record Formats
Using the UNIT Parameter
Using the VOLUME Parameter
Using the DCB Parameter
Using the LABEL Parameter
Stacking Data Sets on Tape

Using Temporary Data Sets

Temporary Data Set Concepts
Using DD Statement Parameters with Temporary Data Sets
Using Temporary Data Sets Across Multiple Steps
Using VIO Temporary Data Sets

Passing Parameters and Using Backward References

Passing Parameters
Using Backward References

Using Additional DD Statement Parameters

Using Special DD Statements
Using Special Parameters and Sub-Parameters in DD Statements

JCL (z/OS) – Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs Mastery Test

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