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Virtual Tape Server (VTS)


3 hours


The Virtual Tape Server (VTS) course introduces the student to the concepts, functions, and capabilities of a VTS and explains how a VTS operates. Information describing the VTS hardware and software components is provided including the commands used to monitor and maintain a VTS in the z/OS operating environment.


Personnel with no prior knowledge of VTS concepts or those who need to have an understanding of VTS basic architecture, hardware and software tools.


Understanding of an MVS Operating environment.


After completing this Course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of VTS.
  • Recognise the various hardware components of the VTS.
  • Describe the functions and capabilities of VTS.
  • Use VTS commands.

Course Content

Basic Requirements and Components

On completion the student should have a understanding of:
Introduction to VTS;
Why Does Business Need It?;
Hardware & Software Components

Functions and Commands

On completion the student should have a understanding of:
Functions for Operations Staff;
Overview of VTS/Host Integration;
Software for the Host;
How Does it Satisfy the Business Requirement?;
What Type of Data Center Would Employ One?;
Operator Co

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