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CA Jobtrac Job Management


4 hours


The CA Jobtrac™ Job Management course introduces the CA Jobtrac Job Management product for z/OS. It describes the basic components that are used to schedule jobs in the z/OS environment and how to access them. It discusses how calendars are defined and used, and how schedules can be monitored through online facilities. It also discusses the more advanced scheduling capabilities of CA Jobtrac JM.


Personnel requiring knowledge of Jobtrac


Basic knowledge of the IBM operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize Jobtrac Job Management software components
  • Identify how Jobtrac Job Management software is accessed
  • Recognize the uses of the different calendars
  • Define Advanced Automation
  • Recognize online functions

Course Content

Introduction to JOBTRAC

Scheduling and Controlling Jobtrac Job Management Software
Event Processing
Data Sets
Accessing Jobtrac


Event Types
Date Dependencies
Threshold Field Entries
Defining Events

Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation Features
ADR Tables
AMR Tables
SCS Tables
CCPF Tables

Online Functions

Primary Panel
Scheduled Event Display
Event Execution
ADD Command
Displaying Captured Sysouts

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