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BMC Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
CONTROL-D 7 The CONTROL-D course introduces the concepts, facilities, and use of the BMC Control-D z/OS report distribution product. It discusses how standard reports can be analyzed, split, copied, distributed, printed, and viewed by Control-D, and the facilities available for backing up and archiving system reports and output.
Introduction to CONTROL-M Scheduling 4 The Introduction to CONTROL-M Scheduling course introduces the BMC Control-M Scheduling Product for z/OS systems. It describes how schedules and calendars are created and applied, and how jobs can be defined to these schedules to be automatically processed as required.
Monitoring the CONTROL-M Scheduling Environment 4 The Monitoring the CONTROL-M Scheduling Environment course describes the use of the Control-M for z/OS scheduling package's monitoring and reporting facilities. It describes how jobs and schedules can be monitored and maintained through the Control-M online facilities and through standard Control-M utilities. It also shows some of the standard reporting utilities and describes how they can be used and executed.
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