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z/VSE Curriculum

Course Title Duration
z/VSE Basics
4 The z/VSE Basics course discusses mainframe operating systems and identifies the types of organizations using z/VSE. It provides an overview of the z/VSE infrastructure describing the personnel likely to interact with it and provides examples of typical data processing on this system.
z/VSE for Operators
4 The z/VSE for Operators course looks at z/VSE from an Operations viewpoint, describing how they access the system and perform startup and shutdown processing. A description of common operator tasks, and the commands used to display, monitor, and resolve problems associated with the z/VSE system are also provided.
z/VSE Machine Learning Introduction
1 This course is designed for those working with organizations looking to implement Machine Learning solutions. It begins by explaining what Machine Learning is, how it works, and how organizations can benefit from it.
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